Congratulations! You’ve found THE BEST PI TELEMARKETING SOLUTION! Not only will our clients tell you we are offer the most-consistently profitable personal injury telemarketing service they have ever used for their clinics, but we offer performance guarantees to safeguard you’re investment in a very healthy and generous manner. Did I mention month-to-month services? Important decisions with KMG are easy, confident, and profitable. ¬†With 14 years of top-notch experience and hundreds of happy, active clients, we’re clearly doing something right.

Personal Injury Telemarketing through KMG = perfection in sales and customer service. In it’s most successful form (which is the only form we operate within) it successfully connects injured patients with ethical, local treatment professionals who can effectively restore patients to pre-accident condition.

After all, we have no need to develop long-term contracts with auto-renewal periods and pages of fine print exclusions on money-back guarantees like the last company dangled in front of your face to bolster your false confidence and commitment.

Yes, we’re different. Personal Injury Telemarketing is an art, equalling the same high-level sales principles, and execution of those principles that have solidified major companies from small dabblers. If you haven’t heard about us by now, you will.

You might just ask, how are your services different? It’s an important question that any serious DC or marketing manager must ask. Excluding the obvious goal of more patients and more money, what make you think we are the right chiropractic marketing choice for your chiropractic clinic?


This is the first important topic to roll out: KMG adheres to all required telemarketing rules and regulations as dictated by State and Federal governing bodies. After all you don’t want to become the party of a board review because your marketing outreach is calling at 11PM EST.


Learning about any vendor you use for your business is important and highly recommended. KMG has operated as a niche provider of highly specialized Chiropractic Telemarketing services for 14 years, and has references readily available for Clients who have used our services for years and derived a tremendous amount of insight and profitability from them during that time.