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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California DC & Pregnancy Situations

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: California DC & Pregnancy Situations

accident-referral-networkPeople who are well-versed in the chiropractic field often talk a lot about the relation of chiropractic care and services to the average pregnancy.

Pregnant women have a lot to worry about – from the first few anxious weeks to the first doctor visit, and on to other stages of fetal development, doctors bring in pregnant patients for a battery of tests and consultations that can include genetic testing, reviews of visual sonogram or ultrasound results, and much more. At the same time, the woman carrying the baby or babies needs to think about the practical elements of her own life – how to manage work, transportation and other necessities in a way that supports holistic health and delivers a good environment to the unborn.

Chiropractors who are skilled in serving pregnant women often make this a big component of their online outreach, in order to show how they work, and what their role is in relation to pregnancy services.

Presenting the Chiropractor’s Role

For an example of how this works, take a look at the blog of Dr. Mamerto Estepa or “Dr. Mo,” a San Diego, CA chiropractor who, according to his own online testimony, handles a lot of pregnancy related chiropractic services.

One of the first things you notice on the site is that Dr. Mo has created a helpful nickname in order to personalize his interaction with online readers and prepare people for getting more involved with his office. But beyond this, he is also personalizing the site in a different way: by talking clearly and directly about what he does in terms of chiropractic services.

In a blog post called “Chiropractic during pregnancy,” Dr. Mo uses a direct, personal approach to talk about his real experiences with patients who are coping with all of the many challenges of the average pregnancy.

“As a chiropractor that specializes in delivering the finest chiropractic care to pregnant moms and their children, I see on a regular basis how vital chiropractic is to a healthy, happy pregnancy.” writes Dr. Mo. “Time and time again, moms tell me how much better their experience was with this pregnancy and birth compared to previous ones, because they received chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy. … I’ve even had a first-time mom tell me, ‘I don’t even know how women [give birth] without regular chiropractic.’”

It’s these kinds of resources that help patients to understand more about a practice simply by researching and reading online. Many patients who are impressed with what they see are likely to convert to being a patient if they live in the practice area. However, creating these kinds of content isn’t the only way to get visibility and brand value for a chiropractic office, and it shouldn’t be the only go-to resource for busy doctors.

Chiropractic Telemarketing with the Accident Referral Network

At the Accident Referral Network, we understand that chiropractors have a lot to do. Chiropractic Telemarketing isn’t their primary concern – it’s working with individual patients at the office or clinic. That’s why we offer a personal injury telemarketing support service that works for doctors, to gather potential new patients by reaching out and asking questions about care and needs. Talk to us about what we can do for your busy office.


Personal Injury Marketing California

Chiropractic Marketing California

Chiropractic Telemarketing California


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Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Texas DC & Doing More For ‘Real’ Online Marketing

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Texas DC & Doing More For ‘Real’ Online Marketing

accident-referral-networkLots of professional chiropractors who get the best results in new patient traffic and web readership experiment with presenting compelling content in a lot of different and inspiring ways. A big part of representing a practice well online involves writing unique, relatable content, but there’s also the challenge around building out these projects so that they get the kinds of prominence and visibility they deserve.

Some practices tend to go in a direction that, frankly, is pretty ill-advised. Thinking that they can rely on primitive Google algorithms and standards of the past, practices may sink a lot of effort into SEO keyword stuffing in order to try to get visibility for a web site. In today’s more monitored and restricted environment, and in a digital venue where readers care a lot about what they read, these kinds of efforts are more likely to land a chiropractic office in hot water than they are to actually attract a lot of good genuine web traffic.

Marketing Online Content Another Way

Instead of keyword stuffing and other kinds of dubious search engine practices, chiropractors can build organic marketing campaigns around the genuine resources that they offer to their communities. For example, here is a recent press release that details what’s on offer at the Patzer chiropractic web site, a site representing a multi-doctor practice in Austin, Texas. We’ve reported on this site before, partly because it does get good visibility, but also because it embodies some of the principles that a lot of chiropractic marketing people can learn from. (side point: take a look at the great video on the press release page where Dr. Pinkerton addresses a live audience!)

Although the press release doesn’t provide a very clear link to what it’s talking about in terms of new resources, a quick look at the Patzer chiropractic blog shows that Dr. Julia Pinkerton is indeed authoring new and unique content about pregnancy and motherhood that is helping the practice to serve that large demographic of patients who have become pregnant or may become pregnant soon. Chiropractic services for pregnancy is a major part of the chiropractic field, and practices do well to offer specific services related to pregnancy, and to do the kinds of pregnancy education present on the Patzer web site.

Presenting Content Clearly

On the blog, Dr. Pinkerton presents a lot of first-person “I” narratives around the issues of treating pregnant women as a chiropractor. There is also a thumbnail picture above each post to show that Dr. Pinkerton is the one authoring and presenting content. This is important in these kinds of efforts, so that web readers know who is talking to them and how they relate to a practice.

Adding Chiropractic Telemarketing Services

So what else can doctors do to add to genuine, unique marketing content? Many practices have chosen to go with the Accident Referral Network, a third-party Chiropractic Telemarketing support business that helps doctors to get the kind of new patient traffic that they need. We create high-design, custom campaigns that help doctors to thrive anywhere they practice, working along with the great results generated by a hard-working in-house staff.


Personal Injury Telemarketing Texas

Chiropractic Marketing Texas

Chiropractic Telemarketing Texas

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Chiropractic Telemarketing Services

On Chiropractic Telemarketing Services: 3 Reasons Why Medical Practices Love Them

chiropractic-telemarketing servicesThere’s a lot going on in today’s business world, and a lot of it is specifically focused on how to optimize the average business process with technology. From manufacturing to insurance, companies in all sorts of fields and markets are scrambling to implement new systems, new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing what they do to bring in revenue.

Businesses like personal injury and chiropractic telemarketing services operate in that convergence of the traditional business world and tomorrow’s high-tech, plugged-in enterprise. Many of these independent businesses have harnessed the colossal power of the modern call center to do things for medical providers that practices would never be able to do for themselves. That’s part of how specific types of networking businesses, like auto accident injury and chiropractor marketing firms, have carved out a special niche in the greater health care industry.

A Scalable, Distributed Workforce

One reason that spinal injury clinics and other providers go with chiropractic telemarketing is because these services have built a work force that understands the needs of patients. Call center resources give these workers what they need to succeed, but a lot of their success also comes from adequate training and supervision. The marketing business can set up a range of distributed workers and assess their efforts, practice team building, and “grow professionals” using scaled-up conferencing technologies. For more on distributed workforce designs, check out this resource from The Future of Work.

Customized Outreach Strategy

By manipulating “bulk contacts,” modern chiropractic telemarketing services can work through a range of potential patients to build the patient base that a clinic or practice needs. This can involve the use of auto-dialers, highly sophisticated customer relationship management programs, and more. Using these invaluable tricks of the trade, spinal injury marketing businesses with an IT investment can leverage their telecommunications capabilities to process raw information that would take a single practice years to digest. That customization, and that speed, are part of what stand-alone contact centers provide to medical provider clients.

Chiropractic Telemarketing: A Consistent Result

Yet another aspect of what professional chiropractic telemarketing firms deliver involves, in a word, metrics. A well-designed call center operation works on the principle of consistent design. Top-level planners built protocols before the first call was dialed that will support a process that always works, not one that’s fraught with daily problems and questions from the front desk. This is big, because so many of the errors that less established shops encounter can raise legal issues or result in complaints from responders.

By knowing how to handle sensitive data, understanding the needs of patients, and crafting careful campaigns, chiropractic telemarketing companies can act as responsible and reliable “business associates” for individual providers offering spinal treatment, physical rehabilitation and everything that chiropractic patients may need to recover from a range of injuries or conditions.

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Rapid Clinic Expansion with Chiropractic Telemarketing

Rapid Clinic Expansion with Chiropractic Telemarketing

In the coming years, chiropractic offices may be profiting from demographic changes, as well as shifts within the regulatory system around the American health care industry. This sea change in how Americans will access medical treatment for many common injuries means that chiropractor clinics and practices may need to act quickly to get access to a broader clientele.

[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Health Consciousness Cited as a Demand Booster“]

Chiropractic Telemarketing, New Chiropractic PatientsBrand-new reports including press releases show that the chiropractic industry is expected to grow quite a lot over the next several years. An estimated growth rate of 2.2% in 2012 will likely be followed by significant gains in new patient activity. Experts explain that much of this growth is likely to come from the baby boomer demographic, where a highly populated generation will seek additional services as they age. This is just one element of what doctors need to consider in figuring out how they will run their practices in the future.

Part of understanding new trends in the chiropractic industry, and how to use tools like chiropractic telemarketing and outreach well, involve thinking about how baby boomers will access care. Many of these individuals may seek new treatments for old injuries that are becoming more debilitating with age. Others with smaller injuries may seek care that they wouldn’t have needed at an earlier age. All of these trends may add up to a higher demand for chiropractic services, but it’s up to individual providers to make sure that they are poised to take advantage of these changes.

[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Legislative Changes Level the Playing Field for Chiropractors“]

Another possible benefit for chiropractic offices comes in the form of new legislation around the Affordable Care Act, a broad healthcare reform initiative begun in 2010. Under this new law, chiropractors may find they have more of a market advantage than in past years, where insurance companies were able to essentially deny payouts for chiropractic services in a variety of cases. The “opening up” of the health care market may yet have big benefits for chiropractors as “alternative” providers gain visibility and credibility under future regulations promoting holistic healing and efficient outcomes.

Taking Control of Growth with Chiropractic Telemarketing

The chiropractic offices that gain the most from a steady pool of new patients will be the ones that act effectively to bring those patients in through their doors. Sophisticated chiropractic telemarketing services will help to reach out and interview potential new patients, collecting the kinds of rich data needed to match up doctors and new patients, and bringing these individuals to qualified chiropractor professionals. Many chiropractic offices are realizing that investing in this interactive multimedia marketing simply makes common sense, especially as the demand for spinal injury treatment and chiropractic services steadily expands.

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